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Snow Thrower Guide: How to pick the right snow thrower or snow blower!

Best Snow Thrower Reviews knows what its like to ask yourself that age old question…” Snow blower or snow thrower?” No matter how you say it, hundreds of snowblower and snowthrower models exist. With so many different models to choose from, how can you be confident you are choosing the right one? You need to first, determine your practical needs. Determine what kind of environment you will be using your snowblower or snowthrower in. How much snowfall will you see annually? Does your climate provide, on average, more wet or dry snow? Once you have started to examine your needs, you can then move on to understanding the research that Best Snow Thrower Reviews does for you! Lets move on to the top 4 snow blower questions to ask yourself before purchasing a new model!

Gas Snow Blower / Snow Thrower or Electric Snow Blower / Snow Thrower?

Almost all snow blowers and snow throwers are gas fueled. If you are only going to use your snowblower at home, then an electric model may be an option if you have a long extension cord. You should think about purchasing a gas snow thrower for most applications. Gas fueled snow blowers often come with higher horsepower engines to churn through heavier snow. Though electric models have been getting more powerful as the industry updates it’s technology yearly, gas is still the preferred method for portability, reliability, and power. Best Snow Thrower Reviews has compiled a ton of info on both kinds of models. Just make sure to check out our review section.

What kind of engine?

Just like cars, snow blowers come with different engines. These engines vary in size, manufacturer, reliability, and performance. Most snowthrowers use Briggs & Stratton or Tecumseh engines. These companies are trusted and manufacture reliable engines. Before purchasing your first snow blower, you should research the engine to make sure it’s not going to fall part after 1 year of heavy use.

What size engine?

How much snow fall do you get annually? Do you deal with wet snow, heavy snow, ice, and heavy chunks? If you said yes to any of that, you wont be able to buy a cheap model. Remember that the old axiom “you get what you pay for” is true here. The last thing you want to do is be stuck at home looking at 8 feet of snow with a hundred dollar snow thrower. You should always buy something in the mid-range if you are unsure of your snow situation. Keep in mind, that you should buy something with a very powerful engine if you are located anywhere in the 1a climate zone.

Single or Dual Stage Snow Blowers?

Lets start with Single Stage

Single stage snow blowers or snow throwers have just 1 step to blow or throw snow.  Each snow thrower has an auger. This auger is a rotating corkscrew-like mechanism that scrapes snow up from the ground, and in one fluid motion, throws it up, and out the chute. Snow throwers get their name from this, as the act of throwing snow by hand and using a shovel, is a lot like how a single stage snowthrower moves snow.

Single stage snow blowers will be perfect for light use. (under 14 inches of snowfall) They are much lighter models and therefore are easier to maneuver. Single Stage snow throwers often have their augers made out of tough plastic or hard rubber. This is because the auger will be touching the ground frequently. Another good feature is that since the augers touch the ground continuously, these models are perfect for the pavement or asphalt. They won’t be good on dirt, or gravel as they throw snow.

The clearing width of single stage snow blowers tends to be minimal. If you are looking to clear wide walkways, or complete the driveway in the fastest time possible, then look to dual or two stage snow blowers.

Next up Dual Or Two Stage

This is where we move from snow thrower to snow blower. Two stage snow blower use two distinct steps to throw and blow the snow. First, dual stage snowblowers are manufactured with metal augers. These metal augers are usually self-propelled, and they often have a much larger clearing width than single stage snow throwers. The metal augers will do the same job as before, scraping up snow from the ground, but this time it feeds the snow into a high speed impeller that blows the snow up and out of the cute.

Two stage snowblowers have much taller intakes as well. A taller intake allows two stage snow blowers to be able to dominate deep snow drifts. The metal augers wont touch the ground, so 2 stage models can be used on any surface including dirt and gravel. Another great feature is that the wheels are large enough to allow for tire chain installation. making maneuverability easy despite the extra weight.

How To Pick The Right Snow Thrower Or Snow Blower Conclusion

Like any major life purchase, don’t just rush out and buy the cheapest thing. You need to do some moderate research and pick the right tool for the right job. We have compiled years of research into our reviews. We are here to help take the work out of choosing the right snow thrower or snow blower for you. So be sure to head to our review section and check out a few snowblowers. Don’t forget to use our compare feature as well. It’ll save you time and money!

Extra tips from the experts at Best Snow Thrower Reviews

  • Even if a snow throwing/blowing job seems easy… you should still check and maintain your machine.
  • Don’t wait for the storm to pass. It’s much easier to do the driveway 3 or 4 times throughout the storm, then once at the end.
  • Throw the snow as high and far away as possible. furthest into the center of your yard if possible.
  • Make sure to have other snow necessities on hand like calcium chloride, snow shovels and gloves.
  • Don’t expect that just because you now have a snow blower that you can dominate every ice chunk. Take small bites!
  • Just like lawn equipment you should have fresh gas on hand. Old gas is not good to use in your new snow thrower.

If you have any questions, feel free to browse around Best Snow Thrower Reviews. You will hopefully learn a lot!

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